Online Banking Enrollment

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Please enroll below based on your account type

Not sure which Personal Banking account type you have, or need additional assistance? Please contact Customer Service at 800-279-0007.

Personal Banking

Account type

  • Individual/Joint
  • Trusts with Grantor & Trustee (Same)
  • Health Savings (Individual or Family Without Power of Attorney)
  • Representative Payee (Individual)

Account Type

  • Trust with Grantor & Trustee (Both Different People)
  • Personal Accounts with a Power-of-Attorney
  • Health Savings (Individual or Family With Power of Attorney)
  • Estate
  • Representative Payee (Organization)
  • Conservator & Guardian
  • UTMA (Minor)

Business Banking

To enroll in online banking with a Business Banking account, please contact Treasury Services at 402-399-5079.