Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

Take your next big step.

Doing more for yourself and your family can mean a lot.

Remodeling your home? Sending the kids to college? Consolidating your bills? Or maybe you need to clear out space in the garage for your dream car?

At American National Bank, our loan officers work to understand your financial position and use their experience and expertise to create a personalized solution based on your lending needs.

Personal Loans

Do more with a Smart Line of Credit from American National Bank.

We created our Smart Line of Credit product to help you navigate all of your unsecured credit needs. Take advantage of instant online and ATM access, overdraft protection, flexible rate offerings, and more.

Auto Loans

Get the process rolling on an auto secured personal loan.

Whether you are buying new, used, or are refinancing, American National Bank offers the expertise and flexible terms to meet your needs.

Lines of Credit

Easy access to funds with a competitive interest rate.

Home equity lines of credit give you the freedom to do more. From remodeling your kitchen to consolidating your bills—anything is possible when you use the hard-earned equity in your home. Enjoy fast, easy access to funds at a competitive interest rate (that is often tax-deductible). You only pay for what you use.

Home Equity Loans

Do more with affordable, predictable monthly payments.

Home Equity Loans from American National Bank offer you flexible, fixed-rate options as you tap into your home’s equity. Payments are consistent month to month for your budgeting peace of mind, and we are certain our application process and expertise will make your loan experience painless.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about your American National Bank loan or line of credit? Check out our most frequently asked questions below, or contact us today.